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Some Of Our Experience

Multi-Sensor Systems

CC Initiative Ltd has real-world experience characterizing digital MEMS sensors, medical devices, ultra-low-power devices, BLE, RF and microwave components. For your IoT challenges, try a partner versed in software system architecture, technical requirements and specifications for sensors, frameworks for calibration, evaluation, qualification criteria and scaling to large multi-billion volumes. There is no substitute for end-to-end R&D domain expertise and application engineering knowledge when delivering analogue and digital multi-sensor systems. Everything is useful until one knows what to ignore safely.


Our telecommunications R&D experience encompasses baseband engineering on 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE (Light Radio) remote radio heads, including specification analysis, developing tools and software stacks for mobile device and telecommunications base stations. We are fluent in continuous integration and delivery. Based on our zTracka™ platform, which is targeted towards activities of daily living, we have delivered a socio-technical end-to-end smart personal safety solution engaging NGO’s and Local Enforcement Agencies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Robotics & AI

We are at the forefront of landing the latest AI and robotics research advances into the industry by applying well-studied solution architectures for integrating complex robotic systems. We take advantage of our in-house high-speed context-aware middleware for distributed intelligence on the edge and collaborative robotics. The middleware executes near the native speed of the communication links. With our expertise and leveraging our 1st-degree R&D network's expertise, we simplify complex everyday problems into implementable engineering solutions.

Who we are. Brief Profile.

CC Initiative Ltd supplies professional services to clients focusing on complex software-intensive systems since 2010. We build bespoke solutions leveraging research and expertise in distributed real-time systems, software systems architecture, embedded and high-level software development, Evolutionary and Computational Intelligence; Machine Learning and Data Analytics.

Why Choose Us? We transform complex specifications into defensible solutions.

CC Initiative Ltd works with clients to understand their problems and design solutions according to specifications and budgets. Our commercial and R&D pedigree stems from years of developing complex bespoke hardware and software systems in Defence & Space, Medical Devices, Telecommunications and Semiconductor industries, among others.

A Passion To Innovate

We use data-driven innovations and Machine Learning to solve everyday challenges.